May Release Notes: Margin-Based Pricing, Email Editor, Scheduler Settings, and more

In May, we spent considerable time thinking through how we could improve the way data flows inside the system and how we could guide users throughout the Fulcrum experience. This set of updates includes new options for pricing, a boost to email functionality, and new settings that enhance your Fulcrum experience and customize it to your shop. 

Margin-Based Pricing 

We’ve added a setting for margin-based pricing, which allows you to price based on your desired margins on the items page or at the item level within sales orders and quotes. When the cost of an item is updated, you’ll be prompted to recalculate the price. When margin-based pricing is set, your margin will stay the same and the price will update to reflect the change.

Email Editor

We had a lot of requests for this one, and it’s finally ready for you to use: Now you can send emails with attachments directly from Fulcrum! You’ll be able to customize your messages and attach documents generated by Fulcrum – like quotes and sales orders – as well as upload and attach additional files. This should help streamline the work for anyone that sends documents to customers or vendors.

You can also set up email templates specific to quotes, invoices, etc. This functionality is available in the Sales, Purchasing, and Accounting modules.

You can activate this new feature with our setup guide.

Material Availability Scheduler Setting 

We’ve added a setting to our scheduler functionality to account for customer-supplied material. Previously, the scheduler had a setting that would only account for purchased material. Now, with both settings enabled, jobs will not be scheduled until customer-supplied materials are received as well. This will be helpful to account for delays and also keep your schedule up-to-date and running efficiently. These settings can be enabled in Business Setup > System Data > Scheduling > Scheduler Settings. 

Custom PDF Fields

Because every shop wants different information on their customer-facing documents, we’ve added a setting in Business Setup to allow custom fields to be added to PDFs. Custom fields can be set up in Business Setup > System Data > Advanced > Custom Fields. Here, you can add custom fields related to different sections of your Fulcrum site and add customized line items to PDFs such as Quotes, Sales Orders, Purchase Orders, and Packing Slips. You may need to work with your launch or customer success manager to activate custom fields for your site.

Job Attachment Search

You can now search attachments on a job from within the operator view. This is helpful for users who have a lot of attachments for items, helping them find the exact attachment they need quickly. This search function uses the title of the attachment. 

Quickbooks Online Error Notifications 

We have added error notifications specific to our integration with Quickbooks Online. These error messages will be triggered when there are problems with the sync between systems and will typically inform you how to fix the error. 

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