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March 1, 2021

Send Emails from Fulcrum

Sales Orders
Purchase Orders

Whether you’re sending quotes, sales orders, purchase orders, or invoices, you can do it right from within Fulcrum thanks to a new email integration. Anywhere you see a pdf, you'll now see a new email button along with the download and print buttons you've always had. The email will come from your normal account and still show in your outbox, but now you’ll no longer need to save a PDF and then attach it within the standalone email program.

The system will use whichever email system you have set up, either as its own program or within your browser, and will automatically fill in a template for you to use, which can be customized to fit your business in the system data setup. The templates for the emails can be created in the system setup section of Fulcrum by anyone with access. Have no fear, you'll still be able to give it a last look before pressing send, so if you catch something you want to change, you can.