November 7, 2022

Sales Order Page Upgrade

Sales Orders

This was a big effort to improve the UI of the Sales Order page. The new Sales Order page features a clearer look and design and improved performance. The upgrade allows for faster and easier data entry, condensed information, better visibility into job status, and overall more intuitive interactions. It will be rolling out to some early Beta group users this week and then gradually released from there. Let us know if you’re interested in opting in for an early release!

New Functionality and Notable Changes

Autosave: The Sales Order page will now autosave to prevent you from losing important data.

Visual Jobs Status: More information on the amount ordered, produced, and shipped per job from the SO page.

Ability to edit price/quantity/margins directly from a new summary grid.

  • We really wanted to optimize for a quick tab through style entry wherever possible. You’ll still have the ability to jump into a full detail view for an item but can also edit key data for the line item from the new summary area.