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November 1, 2021

New Items Page


Our newly redesigned items page is all about making life easier for manufacturers.

We started by completely rethinking the user interface, making it cleaner, organized more logically, and easier to navigate. Just like our jobs tracking and job costing page renovations, we focused on removing as much fluff as possible, giving you the information you need without overwhelming you.

Now, without a second glance, you’ll get key information like how many of an item you have, how many are not tied to specific jobs and available for use, how much the inventory is worth, and how many you’ll likely need to order soon.

You’ll be able to quickly change whether you stock a part to inventory, whether it’s made in-house or purchased from an outside vendor, whether it requires lot tracking and more with a quick swipe, meaning you have the flexibility to adapt to changing conditions in your shop or anywhere in your supply chain.

But we didn’t just reimagine what was there, we listened hard to how our current customers thought about items and what information they needed on the spot.

So we added new elements like showing all the other items that are using that item, its purchase history, sales and quote history.

And, to keep the most frustrating mistakes to a minimum, we’ve added a save warning to let you know if you’re navigating away from the page without saving the changes you’ve made.

The page is a look into the full life cycle of any specific item you have, from the moment it’s purchased to the point at which it leaves your shop in new form.

Take a look at the video below from Emily, one of our product managers, for a great walk through of what you can find on the new page and where to find it.