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April 1, 2022

Item Customization and "To Make" Roll-up Logic


We’ve made some key changes to the way Fulcrum recognizes customizations to items on sales orders and quotes that will help shops that use some customized components and some from stock.

Fulcrum now identifies the specific layer of the BOM/routing that was customized, allowing the system to give better “to make” recommendations on the job for the non-customized portions of the job.

The “to make” roll-up on a job looks at all of its subcomponents, existing inventory, and demand across other jobs, and comes up with a recommended quantity of the subcomponent to make.

The system now understands specifically which subcomponent was customized — meaning it cannot be pulled from stock — and which were not customized and could be pulled from stock. This will help streamline your review process and enable the system to give you better recommendations.