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September 1, 2021



More than ever, consumers are looking for a way to buy products online, even in B2B settings with industrial goods. To ensure your business is ready to sell and deliver whatever your customers want to buy, however they want to buy it, we’re introducing fulfillment as a way to easily ship a high volume of goods either produced custom or shipped directly from inventory.

Just as with production, jobs are automatically balanced between fulfillment stations for a smooth workflow, and the user interface makes it easy for the fulfillment team to see what has been packed and what still needs to be added to the box before it goes out. When everything is green, it’s good to go!

Best of all, there’s seamless flow between inventory, production, fulfillment, and shipping as well as integrations with ecommerce providers like Shopify, BigCommerce, and WooCommerce and shipping options like ShipStation and Shippo.

Whether you’re already shipping a high volume of goods and want to smooth out your workflow or you’d like a better sense of how fulfillment might fit into your current process, talk to your launch team member and they can walk you through the set-up and get you up and running in no time.