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September 26, 2022

Demand Planning Upgrade

Demand Planning

Improved Demand Planning! This upgrade has been a huge effort toward optimizing the current algorithm, speeding up queries, adding new functionality, and making all data much clearer.

What to Expect:

The upgrade includes a cleaner look-and-feel, with improved performance. Expect new KPIs, improved search, and filters. Items on the grid will be automatically flagged as “finished good,” “subcomponent,” or both to help you prioritize your job creation. The grid automatically sorts to “production recommended,” giving you a high-level view of what items have demand. Demand is calculated using quantity on hand, required minimums, sales orders, and incoming POs. A details panel shows you where demand came from and a graph that shows expected supply over time.

New Functionality:

  • See what drives demand and view a graph of expected supply over time.
  • Custom items are now included in demand planning and will be shown as a separate row. Use demand planning to create custom jobs from sales orders. Or, if you have auto-generate jobs from sales orders workflow turned on, demand planning helps you double-check that nothing was missed.
  • Create multiple jobs for one item.