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November 21, 2022

Custom PO PDF Title

Purchase Orders
Business Setup

Fulcrum obviously doesn't have a full RFQ module meaning most of you are likely managing RFQs outside of the system via email and other methods. We do plan to build out a robust RFQ feature in the future in order to kick off RFQs from the quoting process and elsewhere. 

In the meantime, we've added a somewhat 'hacky' way to utilize the Purchase Order module to send an RFQ. You can now customize the PO PDF so that if the PO is in a 'draft' state the PO PDF will actually say 'RFQ' in the header. 

Please note, there's no additional functionality on top of this to manage RFQs. You'll still need to go back and cancel/delete old draft POs (RFQs) in order to keep your data clean, but it should give some ability to manage this process inside of Fulcrum for those wanting to do so.